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If you really want to be cutting-edge and know what's coming next for TVs, we'd be remiss if we didn't let you know about the new HDMI 2.1 standard, which as well as allowing support for 8K at 60 frames per second and 4K at 120 will also allow for Free Sync to be supported over HDMI.It's cool technology for sure, but unless you're seriously into your gaming then we reckon you're safe making a purchase now.This incredibly gorgeous TV isn’t without its faults (see: motion handling, its sticker price and soundbar issues), but in terms of sheer picture performance there’s nothing else like it right now.It looks like someone on Samsung’s TV design team has been watching 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It is, hands down, the holy grail of television for 2018: a TV able to combine the extreme, high dynamic range-friendly brightness of LCD technology with a backlight arrangement capable of getting LCD closer than ever before to the stunning light control you get with OLED technology.Shopping for TVs online you'll have hundreds of reviews at your disposal, but the noise can be overwhelming.Weighing up your funds, is it time to make the jump to OLED, or will LCD still cut it?We can say that with confidence knowing that most manufacturers have finally embraced the three most important standards in TVs: Ultra HD , Wide Color Gamut and HDR.If a TV you're looking at doesn't support at least one of these, you should probably look somewhere else.

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