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Subsequent mating between peoples of neighboring regions, resulting in isolation-by-distance (LAO et al., 2008; NOVEMBRE et al., 2008).This tended to smooth out population structure that existed 4,000 years ago. The authors review five population genetic statistics of phylogenetic and evolutionary genetic import, before moving onto the novel results.Others may be more confusing because of the obscurity of the populations, but the Burusho clearly have ancient East Asian ancestry on clustering algorithms, so their presence is not surprising to me.Similarly, the Russians in the HGDP data set have an ‘eastern’ affinity (or at least some do), either due to Finno-Ugric or Turkic ancestry (Tatars regularly assimilated into a Russian ethnic identity as the Tsars expanded their domains).Pictured is an early Neolithic 35-40 year old male from, Czech Republic, who was part of the first mass migration to Europe Previous research has identified a mass migration of Kurgan populations (Yamna culture) which went from the Russian steppes to the centre of Europe 4,500 years ago.Previously, researchers had believed it spread 8,500 years ago, when the first farmers from the Near East, now modern day Turkey, brought it to Europe The study also showed that around around 4,800 years ago a group of herders known as the Yamnaya migrated from the stepps between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, carried with them genes for tallness to northern and central Europe.Please remember that these triads should not be taken literally.

That’s so general as to be uninformative as a description, but I think it’s accurate to the best of my knowledge.Some of the other results are more confusing, but one can still find a historical explanation.I have seen evidence that some of the Cambodian samples may have old Indian admixture, though it is not entirely clear to me.West Eurasian admixture into these groups is not unexpected.West Eurasians are historically attested among the mercenaries and soldiers who arrived on the North China plain after the collapse of the Han dynasty, down to the Alans who served under Kublai Khan.

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